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On Devils’ wings

Arizona’s blue desert skies have long beckoned aviators.

Phoenix native Frank Luke shot down 14 German balloons and four airplanes in eight days in World War I. Now state-of-the-art F-35 fighters fly out of the base named after him. World War II legend Joe Foss (26 kills over Guadalcanal) spent his last years in Scottsdale. Ever drive along U.S. 60 and wonder what the giant white “PHOENIX” with a west-pointing arrow was for? It was to help British pilots training during World War II find their way back to airfields.

Undergrads flex research muscles at ASU symposium

Pritika Shahani isn’t even in med school yet and she already has four years of cancer-drug research under her belt. Sophisticated concepts and formidable verbiage spilled out of her like water off a duck’s back at ASU West’s Undergraduate Research and Creative Project Symposium , where the New College biology senior is joined by dozens of other similarly driven, inquisitive scholars.

5 things to know about Prop. 123

Arizonans will vote May 17 on Proposition 123, a measure that, if passed, would affect K-12 education funding and the state trust land permanent fund for the next 10 years.

On April 20, the first day of early voting, a panel of experts — from the Institute for Civil Dialogue, ASU’s Hugh Downs School of Human Communication, the Morrison Institute for Public Policy and the ASU Participatory Governance Initiative — held a nonpartisan discussion about Prop. 123 to help increase voter understanding.

ASU Insight: Are the baby boomers going to bust the health care system?

The healthcare system is rapidly reaching a point of insolvency, but if we fix it now the pain will be much less than if we wait until we're out of money.

That was one of the conclusions of a panel discussion Tuesday hosted by Zocalo Public Square and the Health Futures Council at Arizona State University that set out to answer the question: will the baby boomer generation bankrupt the healthcare system as we know it?

The panel was moderated by Wall Street Jounnal healthcare reporter Anna Wilde Mathews.

The panel included: