Old “New Media”: longevity in the landscape of the latest tech by Dawn Stoppiello


Dawn Stoppiello will talk about her live-media performance ensemble Troika Ranch and its experimentation and innovation in computer mediated performance during two decades of rapid technological development (1989-2009). Stoppiello will also cover the development of the media-manipulation software Isadora®, created by Troika Ranch co-founder Mark Coniglio.


Community of Scholars: Resources and Tips for Thesis and Dissertation Formatting

Join Graduate Education and our Community of Scholars partners for our new Advanced Development Series graduate student professional development series. These advanced-level seminars and skill-builder workshops are designed to build upon skills and concepts introduced in our Core Success and Disciplinary Support Series and equip graduate students with the skills to advance their scholarship.

"Scared to death" — Center for Evolution and Medicine seminar

Human and non-human animals can be scared to death. This commonality points to a shared mechanism and evolutionary origin. The variability in vulnerability to this disorder between species offers a novel approach to identifying a natural animal model for Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD) — the leading cause of death among adults over 40 year of age in the United States. The importance and significant challenge of developing a phylogeny of vulnerability to SCD across the animal kingdom is presented.