CANCELED - Mini Health Screening - Tempe

Employee wellness is canceling all wellness classes for the next 30 days. Please visit ASU COVID-19 for the latest updates on coronavirus implications for ASU. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Arizona State University benefits-eligible employees can receive a 30-minute health screening. Several tests, including readings on cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides are available free of charge.

Writing for Children for Fun and (Very Little) Profit with James Riley

Join James Riley, the New York Times bestselling author of the "Story Thieves", "Half Upon a Time", and "The Revenge of Magic" series as he leads a workshop on writing for children, including: how to come up with an idea; how to come up with another idea when the first one doesn't work; why first drafts are always bad; looking into the abyss and waiting for it to look back; dealing with existential angst about never achieving your dreams; achieving those dreams anyway; and the editing process. 

Fractured Fairy Tales: How to Fix Humpty Dumpty Even If You’re a King’s Horse with James Riley

James Riley, the New York Times bestselling author of the "Half Upon a Time" series, takes an in-depth look at the wonder and absolute weirdness of fairy tales, why we love them and what it must be like to try to reconstitute an egg using only horse hooves. Spoiler alert: It can't be easy. He'll also do a reading from his fairy tale series, just to prove he knows what he's talking about, but we're not willing to commit one way or another on that last point.