Spanish Film Series

Films from Spain hosted by Cineclub Cultural Español. 

The two movies are, "El Negociador" (2014), director: Borja Cobeaga, and "Palmeras en la Nieve" (2015), director: F. González Molina. 

All movies have English subtitles. 

Seed Grant Application Workshop

Are you a faculty member with a compelling transdisciplinary research idea? Are you or one of your colleagues doing research in the humanities that is transdisciplinary, collaborative, and issue-focused?

Bring your own lunch and learn more about the competitive IHR Seed Grant program, the application process, and budget instructions at our IHR Seed Grant Workshop.

Speaking the Unspeakable: A Conversation on Colorblindness, Racism, and Antiracism

While racism is often popularly understood as explicit bias epitomized by Jim Crow-era segregation and the use of racial slurs, for over 20 years scholars have argued that the New Racism is characterized by structural inequality, colorblindness, and racially coded words and phrases. Critically, investigations of racism today focus not just on formal legal policies or the overt use of denigrating language, but also on the ways in which language is used to occlude or make legible racial inequality.

Lecture Series: Eileen Cheng-yin Chow, Duke University

Thursday, Feb. 16

The Chinatown Game: Critical Play, Storytelling, and Putting History in its Place.
What happens at the crossroads of race and place? Eileen Chen-yin Chow will trace the history of a particular sort of place and community (Chinatown) and the history of an idea, or state of mind, that has acquired material density through institutional practice, accretion of representations, legal definition, migrant flows, architectual imaginings, urban restructuring, pop cultural representations and commercial promotion.