Planning Backward to Move Forward: Reverse Design and Intensive FL Instruction

Continuing conversations with a leader in proficiency-based FL instruction, Tom Garza. School of International Letters and Cultures now offers intensive courses in six languages and is looking to expand, so these conversations are extremely helpful as we are thinking about our curricula and the future of our intensive courses.

Developing an Infrastructure for Biodistance Research Using Deciduous Dental Phenotypes

Teeth are the most durable parts of the human body and provide information on a number of aspects of an individual’s life, such as their diet, their physical health and their movement across the landscape. Analyzing "baby teeth" may be a key method to identify children and their relatives, allowing researchers to explore family dynamics in the past.

Discussion and Film Screening: 'Latinos Beyond Reel — Challenging a Media Stereotype'

Join us for a discussion and film screening of "Latinos Beyond Reel — Challenging a Media Stereotype." Monica De La Torre, assistant professor of the School of Transborder Studies and Martha Gonzalez, Arizona State University Gammage guest residency artist, assistant professor of Chicana/o Latina/o studies, Scripps Collge will lead a discussion on the film.

Ethics@Twilight — 'Advanced Prostheses: Are Research Directions Aligned with Amputee Preferences?'

Commercially-available prosthetic limbs are unable to restore the full functionality of a biological limb, but there are a broad range of R&D efforts underway to bridge the gaps. The decisions made by scientists, engineers, policy makers and the business community will determine the availability and affordability of these emerging technologies for amputees. This dialogue will focus on the challenges faced in aligning research directions with amputee preferences.

Transgender Education Program Free Informational Session

Transgender Education Program© Informational Sessions offer opportunities for K-12 staff and administration to learn about various components of the Transgender Education Program© at Arizona State University, free of charge. Come and explore the benefits of having an on-site whole-school workshop as a critical first step towards creating safe and inclusive educational environments where all students thrive.

CEM seminar — Bruce Kaplan

The Center for Evolution and Medicine Seminar Series features Bruce Kaplan, a Raleigh R. Wright professor and vice president at Baylor Scott and White Health Care.

In his talk, "You can’t Fool Mother Nature! Biomarker on Transplants," Kaplan will discuss how the immune system deals with random and unaccounted invaders, and therefore the system must be random and resistant to predictions.