La Tabla: Design Lessons From a Tangible and Playful Computational Future by Chaim Gingold

Abstract:La Tabla grows out of my fascination with adventure playgrounds — unusual playgrounds that children themselves build out of wood, nails, and junk. I became interested in designing flexible play environments in which players could introduce whatever materials and rules they wanted, and which combined the digital and physical. In La Tabla, you reach into the simulation world with two hands, bringing the full force of your hominid dexterity and playfulness to the table.

The Decameron Unknown to Boccaccio’s (and Chaucer’s) Scholars: The Evening Lyrical Moments

Dino S. Cervigni, professor emeritus of romance languages and comparative literature at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies presents: "The Decameron Unknown to Boccaccio’s (and Chaucer’s) Scholars: The Evening Lyrical Moments"

iConsume: What Does Your Device Represent?

Have we become so reliant on our mobile devices that they have become part of our extended mind? Is there a link between the technology we use and our spirituality and consciousness? Why are consumers attracted to their purchases? Is it prestige, fashion, brand loyalty, practicality?

Discuss these questions and more with panelists: 

• G. “Gregg” Pascal Zachary, School for the Future of Innovation in Society
• Ben Hurlbut, School of Life Sciences
• Jeffrey John Watson, School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies

Annual Campus Date Sale — Tempe

The Arizona State University date harvest returns this fall. 

ASU grows and harvests the dates on the Polytechnic and Tempe campuses. Sun Devils can expect five to six varieties throughout this harvest season. Free samples available.

Dates can be purchased for $5 a pound. Proceeds help fund the Arboretum Volunteer program, plant signage, new garden construction and the purchase of tools, and plants for the Arboretum.