College of Nursing and Health Innovation Student Ambassadors

The CONHI recruitment team is looking for students who love ASU to connect with prospective students at recruitment events and gatherings. This is a great opportunity for current students to interact with staff, and facility. CONHI Student Ambassadors will be required to attend two events at minimum every semester, but are welcome to attend more. We want to reward you for your hard work and dedication to this new club and will have CONHI Student Ambassador exclusive events throughout the semester just for you.

Sparky's Day of Service - West campus

At Arizona State University, we believe that we can make a significant impact in the local and global community. Each year, we demonstrate this commitment to service through large scale events and through the everyday service of thousands of Sun Devils.

Make service a part of your Sun Devil experience by volunteering along with over 2,000 students at Sparky's Day of Service during Welcome Week 2017.

One-on-One Consultations with Fidelity Retirement Plan Representatives

Meet on your campus with a financial consultant from Fidelity by appointment. Receive free, personalized advice, guidance and support to help make informed decisions regarding the following: 

  • Adequate investing to retire at desired age
  • Appropriate investing based on risk tolerance 
  • Converting investments into steady income after retirement
  • Meeting financial goals in retirement

 Schedule an appointment online or call 800-642-7131