ASU Staff Workshop Series: Best Practices for Hiring Student Employees — Polytechnic

Student employment at the university plays a key role in student development and success. In this 1 hour workshop designed for staff that hire or supervise student employees, Career and Professional Development Services will help you understand the landscape of student employment at Arizona State University.

Additionally, participants will learn how to:

  • Evaluate student hiring needs
  • Write a quality job description
  • Select the best candidate

Staff can choose to attend an in-person session or a virtual session. 

Finalizing Your Retirement

Attend a meeting two to three months prior to retiring to learn about:

  • ASU retiree benefits.
  • life insurance options.
  • Retiree Accumulated Sick Leave Program.
  • retiring from ASU.
  • state-sponsored retiree health insurance options.
  • vacation payouts.
  • when ASU benefits end.
  • working after retirement rules. 

Retirement income and pension information is not provided at these meetings. 

Why We Struggle With Tough Decisions

How can you make a high-impact decision that is effective, practical and successful? By having a clear objective, gathering and evaluating information in a structured way, avoiding common decision traps, and by using your intuition to confirm or question your decision.

This course will enhance your confidence and skill at making and implementing tough decisions, allowing you to increase your value to your department and actively contribute to its success.

Mini Health Screening

Arizona State University benefits-eligible employees with an insurance card issued by the state of Arizona or without can get a 30 minute health screening with immediate results. Several tests, including readings on cholesterol, blood pressure and triglycerides, are available free of charge.