Insights From Quantum Physics and Finance for Alternate Economies-Ecologies

How can insights from quantum physics refresh our approach to our profoundly intertwined ecological/economic challenges? Theoretical physicist Niklas Wild Damiris argues that the quantum appears weird only because we interpret it through entrenched cybernetic categories like "information," "feedback," "observation," and "data-base," which become problematic in a world characterized by indeterminacy, negative probabilities, non-locality and measurement effects.

Furthermore, this world is not confined to the small as is often claimed.

PHuN Symposium 2019: Legacies of Cybernetics

In Der Spiegel’s famous interview with Martin Heidegger, he proclaimed that cybernetics is the new philosophy. Many decades later, Heidegger's pronouncement appears prescient. Our age is one of ubiquitous digital technology, media, and algorithm — one in which social relations are rendered as networks, intelligence and cognition are conceived in terms of information processing, and humanity is believed to be replicable as programmable 'artificially intelligent' machinery.

Parenting the Transgender Child in Transition: The Guilt of Grief

In a culture torn between celebrating the transgender community and trying to erase its very existence, your choices as a parent of a child who comes out seem straightforward: you either accept and support, or you don’t. But even for those of us who unhesitatingly choose love, we may find ourselves ill prepared to make the transition from parenting the child we knew to the one who needs us now — especially when guilt resulting from a sense of loss leaves you feeling like a bad parent. 

SummerUp Camp

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