One-on-One Consultations with TIAA Retirement Plan Representatives

Meet with a financial consultant on your campus from Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association. Receive free, personalized advice, guidance and support to help you make informed decisions regarding the following: 

  • Adequate investing to retire at the desired age

  • Appropriate investing based on risk tolerance

  • Converting investments into steady income after retirement
  • Meeting financial goals in retirement

Schedule an appointment today online or call 800-842-2252.

CEM Seminar: Huntington F. Willard, PhD

"Things I Was Never Taught Not To Do: Non-Coding RNAs, Repetitive DNA, Education and Health Care"

This Center for Evolution and Medicine Seminar features Huntington Willard. Trained in human genetics, Willard has focused his research, educational and leadership interests at the crossroads of basic genetics and genome biology and their impact on society and the practice of medicine.

Active Shooter Training

Arizona State University Police offers a free active shooter training class for ASU community members to help them develop skills to increase their chances of surviving an active-shooter event.

Attendees watch active shooter video  scenarios and may participate in an ASU police officer instructor-led discussion about tactics that reinforce the "run, hide, fight" concept. Participants are encouraged to ask questions. 

Video Nite

Join us for a screening of work by students in the experimental video art class.

Students include Eden Bartok, Conner Jensen, Michael Kaufman,Sebastian Montano, Emily Sarten, Adrien Guille Perucho, Brian Seaman, Zvezdana Wright, Ashley Aulicino, Sarah Barela, R, Eric Carlson, Alec Einhorn, Lathinina Johnson, Jocelyn Ruiz, Yongjin Liu and Zachary Santa Maria.

Managing Off-Site Employees

As the workplace continues to rapidly change, an increasing number of employees are working off-site. This trend is occurring by option, direction or business necessity. 

Some employees may work at home or at a different campus or location, and not always in close proximity to the on-site team. Others may be scattered around the country, or even the globe. Given the increasingly global nature of today’s organizations, as well as continuously enhanced technology, this trend will likely continue gaining momentum.