Revealing Artifacts

Artifacts and records from central Arizona’s Tonto Basin, east of Phoenix, make up some of the largest archaeological collections at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change (SHESC). This exhibition features the post-doctoral research undertaken by Dr. Katherine Dungan at SHESC using painted pottery from the Roosevelt collections to study interaction in an ancient borderland, to experiment with new techniques and to contribute to a broader understanding of the ancient Southwest.

Poetry Workshop with Sean Avery

This class investigates or states the effects of having one's social identity (identities) (mis)represented by a beloved fictional character. Poets like Marlin M. Jenkins, Melissa Lozada-Oliva and A. Van Jordan, are in conversation with animated television shows, comic-books and live-action series, expressing how these popular icons influence one's perception of self. Through studying a few of their poems, we explore complicated feelings around projection, identity markers in speculative fiction and commodification of identity.