Fake Health News: Trustworthy Medical Advice in the Digital Era

Can you trust the health information you’re getting on the web? How much should you base your health decisions on it? How can you know what information is accurate?

Join the conversation as a panel of experts addresses these questions and more on the credibility of web-based health information. The event will include audience Q&A and will be recorded as a live podcast.

Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

Lunch Lecture with Liz Medicine Crow ('05): Alaskan Native and Governance Protocols

Liz Medicine Crow, Haida/Tlingit, is from Keex Kwaan (Kake), Alaska. Although she works in Anchorage, Liz’s heart is always at home in the village with her family and people. Integrating Native knowledge and values into organizations, governance mechanisms and everyday life is a primary passion and responsibility she has pursued through her education and career.

Theresa Devine and Heather Kelley: 'Fortuitous Orbits and the Hazards They Contain' Opening Reception

Structured yet purposeless, evocative and symbolic, play can be anywhere and everywhere. It spans the world of the senses, engaging with lived experience in every dimension. It is a moon fortuitously orbiting the planet we all live on. Play exposes the hazards and the beauty of the imperfection of our shared humanity. In this exhibition, the work of guest artist Heather Kelley and interdisciplinary arts and performance faculty Theresa Devine demonstrate this broad-ranging connection, showing play’s ability to lower our defenses and open us to our interdependence.