Student Services

The Student Services department is part of the Dean of Student Affairs’ team. We operate from the philosophical foundation of establishing successful partnerships with students as they journey towards completion of their academic goals. Emphasis on the balance of the individual rights with responsibilities coupled with an awareness of community standards will serve as the foundation for all student interactions.

Student seeking services will:

  • Have immediate access to support and information regarding campus resources as they work to overcome challenges that may impede their academic progress
  • Improve their ability to identify signals that they may be in need of academic, personal, or other assistance as they pursue their academic goals at ASU and be challenged to actively engage in seeking solutions for the challenges they are facing
  • Become aware of their responsibility to make good choices about behavior and the impact those choices will have on their success and the success of the greater community

Additional Resources:

Academic Integrity

T: 602.496.4357
F: 602.496.1299

Cassandra Aska
Associate Dean of Students

Cynthia Pullen
Coordinator for Student Affairs