Student Advocacy Services

The goal of Student Advocacy is to empower and connect students with the appropriate university resources and community agencies necessary to successfully address personal and/or academic concerns.

Student Advocacy provides guidance and support to students in resolving educational and personal challenges that may impede their academic progress. Students needing assistance in situations such as a death in the family, illness, accident, and other critical incidents are encouraged to utilize Student Advocacy Services.

Student Advocacy Services:

  • Provides one-on-one consultation with students seeking guidance and resolving educational and personal challenges
  • Provides assistance with academic difficulties as they relate to, Absence Letters, Course Incompletions, Course Withdrawals, Compassionate Withdrawals, and Medical Withdrawals
  • Proactively educates the campus community on resources and support services available to assist students
  • Connects students with appropriate campus and community resources
  • Serve as a liaison to advocacy groups within the ASU community such as the Campus Environment Team (CET)

For more information about Student Advocacy Services contact: