Student Rights and Responsibilities

The office of Student Rights & Responsibilities strives to treat students and student organizations in a consistent and fair manner while respecting their rights and responsibilities as members of the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus community. We are committed to balancing the interest of the individual student or student organization with the needs of the community at large. Our goal is to protect the integrity of Arizona State University and to uphold our institutional values.

Student Rights & Responsibilities staff is responsible for administering the campus conduct process and upholding community standards as set forth by Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) in The Student Code of Conduct. The Code is designed to balance the rights and needs of the individual with the responsibility of the individual to meet the needs of the community. Staff reviews allegations of student misconduct and determines whether a potential violation might have occurred.

If it is determined that a student or student organization may have violated the Student Code of Conduct or other applicable ASU policies our staff will initiate the conduct process as defined in Student Disciplinary Procedures. If upon completion of the process, a student or student organization is found responsible for a violation appropriate sanctions will be imposed.

Our office accepts information and/or reports from students, faculty, staff, or other persons who believe that the behavior of an ASU Downtown Phoenix campus student or a student organization is not aligned with community standards.


Reports may be filed by completing a Campus Community Incident Report and submitting via email or completed form may be dropped off during office hours. In addition, individuals may choose to contact us via telephone at 602-496-4357 to schedule an appointment. No appointment is required to pick up or drop off a completed incident report form. Student Rights & Responsibilities reserves the right to determine that police reports, applicable newspaper articles, or other forms of documentation can constitute an incident report for purposes of initiating review under the ABOR Student Code of Conduct.

We are available to provide outreach and education to students, faculty, staff and Phoenix community members in areas such as:

  • campus and community standards
  • university policies and procedures
  • conflict resolution
  • strategies for effective decision making
  • establishing organizational behavior standards for student groups
  • disruptive behavior in the academic setting

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