High Risk Behavior Education

Several supplemental services are offered by the Dean's office and are designed with an emphasis on proactive risk management and high risk behaviors. Specific support and education is provided in the areas of alcohol, drugs, and violence related behaviors. Students seeking support or information for themselves or others struggling with alcohol, other drugs or violence related behaviors will find information, support, and resources in our office.

Additionally, we are here to support individual students, student organization leaders, members, advisors and staff in learning to identify the potential and perceived risks involved in their activities and to facilitate strategies for minimizing risks. If your student group is planning and event, we are here to help you make your event safe and successful.

Staff is available to provide outreach educcation to students, families, faculty, staff and Phoenix community members in the following areas:

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs
  • Depression and Suicide
  • HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infections and Sexual Health
  • Sexual and Relationship Violence
  • Conducting a risk assessment for your event/program/ or organization
  • Planning a successful event or program
  • Basic overview of risk management principles as they relate to students