DRC Equipment Check-Out

Equipment check-out is available to qualified students with disabilities on a limited and first-come first-served basis.


DRC Equipment Loan and Check-Out Policy


Student Responsibilities

To access equipment through the DRC, each qualified student must:

1) Register with the Disability Resource Center

2) Request necessary equipment from assigned DRC professional staff

3) Schedule an appointment with the DRC Support Services Supervisor

Note: Bring a classroom schedule to this meeting.

4) Sign the Equipment Loan Program Form with the DRC Support Services Supervisor, and request a copy for personal records.

Note: Students checking out an FM transmitter with lapel microphone are responsible for asking their instructors to wear the FM transmitter and lapel microphone and for reminding them to repeat questions taken from the class.

5) Follow all instructions for proper equipment care.

6) Return all equipment and/or accessories to the Support Services Supervisor by the due date. (back to top)

Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Equipment

Students must complete a DRC Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Equipment Report immediately with the Support Services Supervisor, if any of the equipment is lost, damaged, or stolen.

Note: Stolen equipment must also be reported by filing reports of theft with the applicable department/s listed below:

  • The city police
  • The ASU Department of Public Safety (ASU DPS)(back to top)

Faculty/Department Representative

To facilitate equal access for qualified students in their classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories, and other university programs and activities, faculty/designated department representative will be asked to do the following:

1) Sign a contract acknowledging responsibility for equipment while in their possession.

2) Wear a lapel microphone and FM transmitter (belt clip) for portable amplification devices, as appropriate.

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DRC Support Services Supervisor

1) Contact faculty or department representative and arrange to deliver and set-up assistive equipment and devices required in the classroom.

2) Answer any questions faculty may have.

3) Check in-class equipment periodically and arrange pick up at the end of the semester.

4) Notify the faculty or departmental representative that the student will be requesting they wear the FM transmitter and lapel microphone transmitting to the portable FM amplification device.

5) Ask the faculty or departmental representative to repeat questions asked by the class.

6) Discuss appropriate use of the system with the faculty/departmental representative when an amplification device has been installed in the classroom.

7) Submit a Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Equipment Report to the DRC administrator and executive committee as applicable. Submit a report to Insurance Services for follow-up if the value of the lost or damaged equipment is $2,000 or more.

Note: DRC will determine the extent of student responsibility (e.g., based on minimum capital equipment depreciation amount) and the replacement procedure, if the value is less than $2,000.(back to top)

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