Disability Resource Center

Welcome to the Disability Resource Center at the Downtown Phoenix campus!

The Disability Resource Center (DRC) facilitates access for qualified students with disabilities through the provision of reasonable and effective accommodations, and serves as an information hub for ASU and the community. Students are encouraged to visit the DRC and make it an integral part of their educational pursuits.

Location / Office Hours

The DRC is located in the University Center building, suite 160

The DRC is open Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

How to Make an Appointment

Individuals may schedule an appointment by either visiting or calling the DRC at 602.496.4321 (v) / 602.496.0378 (tty), or by emailing DRCDowntown@asu.edu.

DRC professional also maintain pre-scheduled daily walk-in hours to accommodate students who have quick questions or who need to see their assigned DRC proffesional on days they are not scheduled for appointments. Walk-in appointments are meant to be short in nature (approximately 10 minutes) to accommodate more students. Please contact the DRC front desk at 602.496.4321 (v) / 602.496.0378 for available hours. NOTE: Walk-in hours are subject to change without notice.

Additional DRC Contact Information - Click Here