Year One: Life at ASU — Studying for finals

Friday, December 11, 2015

That first semester can fly by for freshmen. The same sensation is felt here with "Year One: Life at ASU," our periodic photo series following five freshmen through their first year at ASU. It seems like we just watched these students move into their dorms, and now they're already going through their first round of final exams.

Here's a look at how they study — and break the monotony of studying with some help from friends. If you're a regular fan of this series you might notice we're missing one of our five, Sabrina Haines. With her obligations to the ASU women's basketball team, which is ranked No. 24 in the nation at the time of this post, she has been busy traveling to games, practicing and studying ... and not always in a way that fit with our schedules. Regardless, Sabrina and the other four will be back next semester as we watch them go through their second semester. You know it's going to fly by fast enough that we'll soon be at the end of the school year wondering where the time went.