Newest Sun Devils on the move

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Moving into your first residence hall can be daunting: Did you pack everything? Will your roommate be cool? How do you do laundry again?

Luckily, the Arizona State University Class of '22 had a bunch of helping hands along the way.  

This year, ASU welcomed about 15,000 first-year and upper-division students into residence halls across multiple campus locations. Hundreds of volunteers were on hand to ensure a stress-free moving day for all.

Video of #ASUWelcome Polytechnic Campus Move-In

Video by Jamie Ell/ASU Now

Check out the best photos below from a whirlwind weekend of unpacking, decorating and saying goodbye to Mom and Dad.

And from parent receptions and job fairs to whitewashing the "A" and Sparky's Day of Service, find all the details on this week's Welcome Events.

Video by Dana Lewandowski/ASU

Top photo: (From right) Community assistants and W. P. Carey students Natalie Jester, Alex McCall, Arabi Mabingani and Josh Oliver dance on the second floor and greet new Sun Devils as they move in at the Hassayampa residence hall on the Tempe campus on Saturday. Photo by Deanna Dent/ASU Now