A meaningful virtual send-off... again

Thursday, January 7, 2021

For the second time in 2020, ASU's College of Health Solutions honored graduates with online commencement and convocation ceremonies. While the COVID-19 pandemic deprived the college yet again of the excitement of celebrating with their grads in person — with all the pomp and circumstance and balloon drops they deserved — it is proud of this resilient class of almost 900 students who flexed, adapted and overcame myriad challenges to reach their goal of graduation.

Students were able to celebrate safely in the comfort of their living rooms and include their family and friends, no matter where everyone was located, by way of a link to an online ceremony. Students received gifts by mail from the College of Health Solutions and enjoyed toasts from some of their favorite faculty and advisers at the college's first-ever live, virtual "Cheers to Health" celebration and watch party. 

And in a wonderful case of serendipitous silver linings, having virtual ceremonies means everything is recorded and online for everyone to experience when and as often as they want. Join the college in reliving its graduates’ special day with speeches, videos, a live watch party, personal messages from graduates and more:

Some of the College of Health Solutions' grads shared their excitement on social media: