A graduation milestone

Friday, May 6, 2016

The 2016 spring commencement marks a milestone for Arizona State University’s Colleges at Lake Havasu City .

Twenty students will be handed diplomas at the convocation ceremony Saturday, May 7 — the largest graduating class yet. Eight graduates will be the first to have spent all four years of college at Havasu, which was established in fall 2012.

The colleges offer an affordable option for in- and out-of-state students who are seeking a private-school, small-campus feel.

“We are a small school, and we are entirely focused on students who want a personalized education and teaching,” said David Young, director of the ASU Colleges of Lake Havasu City. “Anyone can be successful here, students can find themselves and it is gratifying to watch these students be prepared for the real world.”

Robert Lynch (pictured at right), who is graduating with a biology degree with an emphasis in environmental science, said he came to Lake Havasu planning on completing a bachelor’s degree, but with the guidance of his professors here, realized he could do more.

“The small campus size helped me focus on my studies, get to know my professors and establish good friendships,” Lynch said.

Lynch made a total switch from a career in banking to a degree in biology. He plans to pursue his master’s this coming fall and eventually his doctorate.

Students are encouraged to explore their academic interests within the 18 degree programs available at Lake Havasu and apply their knowledge to engaging and problem solving in the local community.

“My favorite experience was being pushed out of my comfort zone and having my work recognized by my professors. That encouraged me to develop my idea for my capstone and present my work at the Western Psychology Association Convention in California,” said graduating senior Yesenia Ramirez (pictured at the convention at left), who is graduating with a degree in psychology and plans on pursuing a master’s in social work.

Both Ramirez and Lynch will be speaking at their convocation ceremony.

“I think a lot of people wondered why I decided to stay within the town I grew up in. Attending ASU Havasu has allowed me to remain connected to my community and allowed me to explore my interest in social work right here,” Ramirez said.