Caffeine and big dreams: Sun Devils on their plans after commencement

Friday, May 5, 2017

An open mind, good time management and a curiosity about the world — all are key tools in college students' journey toward a degree. But for many, caffeine is a crucial component as well, powering them through late-night study sessions and early-morning tests.

In light of that and in honor of Starbucks Executive Chairman Howard Schultz speaking at Arizona State University's Undergraduate Commencement on Monday, ASU Now set out to four ASU campuses to find students on the cusp of graduation.

We asked what they most looked forward to after graduation, what one question they'd ask Schultz if they could and what their caffeinated drink of choice was as they made their way through their final semester as a Sun Devil.

Video of Seniors and Starbucks

Video shot by Deanna Dent, Ken Fagan and Anya Magnuson and edited by Deanna Dent