2018 in pictures: Charlie Leight

Friday, December 21, 2018

Without passion, we have no purpose. I use my passion — a camera — to document those who create excellence art Arizona State University. My purpose is to introduce you to them.

The people in my world are thinkers who challenge us to find commonalities. They’re doers who find ways of spreading healing and compassion. They’re pioneers who look for new ways of seeing the problem. They’re creators who work just a little bit longer and a little bit harder to make a difference. They’re the ones who accept the challenge of taking the good and making it better.

The ASU life is exceptional and vibrant because of the people choose to make it that way. Let me introduce you to them.

Top photo: Criminology and criminal justice freshman Damaris Ramirez Lopez unloads the family car at the Casa de Oro Residence Hall during move-in on Aug. 11. She joined around 500 other freshmen moving into the West campus dorm.